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Hello from beautiful Melbourne!

As a degree-qualified Naturopath and Hypnotherapist with 8 years of clinical experience, I understand the frustrations of suffering from both chronic and acute illness; how debilitating it can be to have pain – physical or mental; and how sometimes it feels like there is no way out.

There is.

I’ve built my life around teaching you how.

My expertise is in investigating, diagnosing and developing plans to address any underlying causes of your symptoms. My speciality is in the gut-brain connection; gut issues ranging from run of the mill bloating, to IBS, to Crohns Disease and mental health issues such as anxiety.

If you have multiple issues such as gut problems, anxiety and another hormonal issue, chances are all of these things are related. The gut is the epicentre of your body, with impacts on hormonal health, mood and immunity. 

My job is to determine WHY this started for you, and WHAT we can do to change it for good.

Do you suffer from any of the following?

I specialise in helping people with the following symptoms and conditions. If you or someone you know is suffering from any of the following, please know that I can support you. 


- Feeling tired regularly
- Burn-out
- Adrenal fatigue

Mental Health

- Anxiety
- Overwhelmed by stress
- Panic attacks
- Diagnosed generalised anxiety disorder (GAD)
- Poor sleep
- Depression, or feeling down


- Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
- Food intolerances
- Bloating or gut pain
- Constipation or diarrhoea
- Coeliac disease
- Reflux / Heartburn
- Crohns disease
- Inflammatory bowel disease


- Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
- Endometriosis
- Period pain
- Irregular menstrual cycles
- Fertility issues


The tools I use to help you.

Dietary Intervention

Getting your nutrition right is vital in achieving any health goal. There is no one way of eating that is appropriate for everyone, so my approach is tailoring my nutrition recommendations to you and your goals in a way that is maintainable for you.

Nutritional Supplementation

Ideally, we would be getting all the nutrition we need from food. However, for some health issues, additional nutrients in the form of supplements can create significant impact. I investigate your unique situation and prescribe nutritional supplements as and when required.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicines are powerful tools in restoring many body functions to their optimum state. I use concentrated practitioner grade herbal medicines that can create benefits up to 10x more effective than herbal ingredients in many over-the-counter products.


For a holistic approach, I use Hypnotherapy to address my clients' mental and emotional issues that may be contributing to anxiety as well as gut issues like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Hypnotherapy has been proven to be as effective in resolving symptoms of IBS as the low FODMAP diet, which is a common dietary prescription for the condition. Why don't we have both?

Don't just take my word for it.

Here is a small collection of reviews from some of the wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure of helping.

Caitlin Williams
Caitlin Williams
As someone who has struggled with gut issues for most of my life without having any answers, I’m so grateful for Jasmine’s expertise and knowledge to help heal my gut and live life more comfortably! Jasmine is so approachable, helpful and ensures that you feel seen and heard with your health matters. I would definitely recommend her to anyone and everyone!
Yara Gonzaga
Yara Gonzaga
I am truly grateful for the care I received from Jasmine. I had already lost hope of getting my health issues resolved, but she helped me identify the root cause of the problems and I am finally on top of my health.
Tara J
Tara J
I went to 4 GP’s & 2 gastroenterologists for my severe gut issues I had that were causing me to not be able to function normally day to day. Every single doctor didn’t help me. I got incorrectly diagnosed with a bowel infection, dumping syndrome, GERD & IBS with no testing - where the doctors rushed me out with so many prescription medications & no further explanations. 3 months later I found Jasmine on instagram & saw her talking about finding answers through testing & getting to the root cause of gut issues. I booked a free 10 minute discovery call where Jasmine listened to a quick run down of my symptoms & she immediately recommended I get certain tests done. So I booked the tests & booked a proper consultation with Jasmine to go through the results after 2 weeks. Fast forward to now, Ive tested positive for SIBO. Funny enough, I begged my GI specialist months ago to give me a referral for a SIBO test but she refused & “just didn’t think I had it” Jasmine has provided me with a real explanation & breakdown of my test results & we spoke for 1.5h regarding what the diagnosis means & what the best treatment is for me. She asked a million questions to get to the bottom of any other health concerns I had. I’ve never been so relieved. After so long & so many expensive specialists, I finally have answers and an end goal thanks to Jasmine. She’s earned my trust very quickly & I definitely will recommend her in future! Thanks Jasmine.
Tayla Nikki
Tayla Nikki
Jasmine has been such a wealth of knowledge and support. I cannot thank her and recommend her enough. She has assisted me in transforming my gut health and healing my hormones. I have never felt better and can enjoy so many foods now that I once restricted.
Ishoa Scozzafava
Ishoa Scozzafava
Jasmine really knows what she is doing and you can tell she loves to help and fix the issues going on for people. I love that she tests before giving supplements. I was in a bad way when I came to her, histamine intolerances and high stress. Now sleeping so much better, bounds of energy and histamine intolerances gone. I look forward to keeping working with her. Thanks Jasmine
Monique Nehme
Monique Nehme
Highly recommend Jasmine honestly has been a lifesaver my son was very unwell and no specialist or doctor could give an accurate diagnosis , Jasmine was able to help treat and diagnose SIBO amongst a few other issues he has had such a significant improvement in a short period of time and is always so supportive , thankyou Jasmine for literally changing my sons life
Ana Silva
Ana Silva
I am so grateful that I found Jasmine after dealing with gut issues for years. This is the best I’ve felt in as long as I can remember. She is so knowledgeable, thorough with tests, questions and treatment. It is an absolute pleasure working with her. She has a warm and gentle approach, and I feel safe in her hands. She explains things in detail and is great communicating with her. I truly cannot recommend her enough! Thank you Jasmine
Laura Finnegan
Laura Finnegan
Jasmine has such a gentle, thorough and kind approach in tending to whatever needs you have :) she is so knowledgeable and has helped me so much with anxiety, fatigue and digestion knowing exactly what tests, habits and herbs to implement…after taking the liquid herbs for anxiety made up by Jasmine I noticed a big difference in my anxiety levels. Jasmine has a way of really making you feel comfortable in her sessions and truly goes above and beyond to make sure you feel heard and to get to the bottom of your symptoms and issues, covering all angles and treating the root cause holistically. I’m so grateful that I found Jasmine and can not recommend her enough!
Kasia Zabawski
Kasia Zabawski
After months of debilitating postpartum gut issues - dealing with doctors, hospitals and gastrologists who couldn’t find the root cause of my issues, I randomly came across an Instagram post from Jasmine’s page and I am SO happy I did. On our first consultation she immediately made me feel so comfortable and in safe hands, she never once made me feel like she didn’t believe my symptoms like the health care system did on multiple occasions. If it weren’t for Jasmine, I would still be in a world of pain unable to enjoy my new journey as a mum. My symptoms are nowhere near as bad as they were when my gut issues began and we are still working together now a year later to continue to manage my symptoms, and dig deeper to further improve them. I truly cannot recommend her enough.

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